Shorten & Simplify Response Times

for Any Organization

 Mobile Applications are the obvious path for many uses, but are often cost-prohibitive to build and maintain for two completely different environments, both iOS & Android

Data [right-now] is often the desired end result of your organization’s customers or staff. Special [and especially expensive] interfaces are then created simply to facilitate the exchange of mission-critical data or request for services in-the-now.

The WebMax Labs IoT SmartButton Platform envisions a world where Phones are still the default option, but both ‘static’ Location-Based SmartButtons will help users & businesses connect with a wider impact, with less effort, and Personalized SmartButtons will allow extensibility to Mobile Computing where gaps still exist.

Simply [CLICK] to…

  • Start/Stop Social Media Video Recordings
  • Mute/Un-Mute Audio from Online Meeting & ScreenSharing
  • Bulk-Message PodCast / Journalist Followers – GOIN’ LIVE Y’ALL!
  • Order a Favorite Meal, then Wait for Superfast delivery (Golf Courses, Restaurants)
  • Request Help, Quickly, from Anywhere, to Anyone(s)
  • Play ~new~ Reality GamesGeoCache-BomBz,  Hide2Seek, !_Defuse.IT_!
  • Order ~any~ Services Easily, from ~any~ Favorite Apps
  • Smash Your Like Buttons NOW: Venue Guest ~to DJ~ Direct Interaction Audience Engagement.
  • Dealerships
  • Casinos
  • Banking
  • [vacancy]
  • Housing
  • Service Industry
  • Health Care
  • Fire Dept
  • Small Biz
  • Start-Ups
  • IT Helpdesk
  • Police
  • E-Commerce
  • Fitness Training
  • Security Teams
  • Medical / EMT
  • Golf Courses
  • Child Care
  • Entertainment
  • [vacancy]
  • Manufacturing
  • Ops Management
  • Human Resources
  • [vacancy]


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