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Our Vision: Solve Information Routing Challenges

Without the Overhead of Mobile Application Development

Applications are Expensive

SOLUTION: Leverage Cloud > Go App-less


Technology evolves, but now instant gratification has become over-complicated. Mobile Applications are the obvious path for many uses, but are often cost-prohibitive to build and maintain for two completely different environments, a fragmented hardware-agnostic Android ecosystem then also Apple’s closed loop iOS hardware-dedicated platform.

So its 2020, and there really is an app – and app-store – for everything. That is the problem, and that is why we are here, with app-fatigue, alert-fatigue and a mild blood-pressure spike after every new vibration.

At the end of the day, Data [right-now] is often the desired end result of your organization’s customers or staff. Special [and especially expensive] interfaces are then created simply to facilitate the exchange of mission-critical data or request for services in-the-now.

Work with us and we’ll find the most elegant way to solve that problem by facilitating that same (or very similar) end result, but doing it while sidelining the burden of application migraine.

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