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Technology Start-Up Portfolio

We focus resources on projects which deploy the simplest solutions to industry verticals with measurable positive economic impact.  Good ideas have to start somewhere, and we offer the means to help bring them to life.

Technology, often leads to complexity.  Eventually, complexity falls back to simplicity, when technology allows.  We are a catalyst for simple solutions, that fall back to simpler means.  Welcome to the WebMax Incubator Portfolio.

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Cloud Focused Projects

Push Button, Get Services Now


Golf Course Button System
Time to Action Matters When Lives Are at Stake.
Apps Slow Down Response Time, So We’re Working With What We Already Have [ Right-Now ].

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Neighbors in close living spaces often don’t communicate, and thats a problem.  Especially, if there’s a problem [ Right-Now ].

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Lights, Lasers, Visuals, Social-Media [ Right-Now ]

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[ This project is in stealth – mode ]

Talented Coder, Salesperson or Overall Gear-head with some Hustle and think you could work with us?

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