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Malicious Hackers Don’t Discriminate on Size.

Simply put, businesses are ships out on the open sea, and Pirates are surrounded in unlimited targets. Out all day every day, they know the difference between a tug-boat and a battle-ship.  Even at incredible distance, they have premium binoculars and clearly see that you are alone, defenseless in a kayak, counting a stack of metal briefcases.

Surely we can see why this is like, super bad?

Local Small Businesses Often Make Simple Predictable Mistakes, Offering an Easy Pay-day with Less Effort to an Attacker.  Luckily, The Process of Mounting a Formidable Defense Has Never Been Easier to Start, Plan and Execute.

Before Security:
Attackers See Opportunity


After Security:
Attackers Target Weaker

like running from Zombies..
just don’t be the slowest

  • Notice, even the After example has rough edges and isn’t Perfect?  It is not – and won’t ever be. Welcome to Security
  • Did you know.. Most Small Business are Totally Unprepared for a Cyber Attack?  60% of Business That Fall Victim to Attack Go Out-of-Business Within the Following 6 Months.
  • Small Businesses Are as Likely To Be the Victim of Cyber Attacks as Large Corporations – But We’re Just Less Likely to Hear About It. Actually, 43% of Cyber Attacks target Small Businesses.
  • Many Businesses Already Lean on a ‘Web’ or ‘IT’ Individual and Mistakenly Assume Security is Included.. But While Often Good at What they Do, They Will Typically Lack the Multi-Layered Security Expertise Sufficient to Defend Your Mission-Critical Data and Systems.
  • How Solid is your Disaster Plan?  What if There is No Malicious Hacker and The Business Simply Suffers From Downtime, Lost, Corrupted or Outdated Backups?
  • The Human Layer is the Most Susceptible to Attack – What is The Current Security Posture and Awareness of Your Employees and Staff?  (They could be unknowingly engaging in online behaviors that put your company at risk!)

Top Weaknesses Making Small Business Vulnerable to Attack

  • Reused Passwords
  • Uninstalled Updates
  • Poor Wifi Setup
  • Malicious Apps
  • Online Ads
  • Cloud IP Cameras
  • Weak Passwords
  • Phishing Emails, Links


“Smaller companies are easier to hack,” said Clay Calvert, director of security at MetroStar Systems, a Virginia-based firm. “They don’t have the resources to set up protective barriers.” Big companies, which have the financial resources to upgrade their security, have become less vulnerable.

These days, businesses like Rokenbok are especially susceptible to a type of malware called ransomware, which holds data hostage in return for money. Data is slowly encrypted by criminals until the entire system is locked up. The process can take up to 42 days, Mr. Calvert said.

“The latest surveys show that small businesses need all the help they can get. In the last 12 months, hackers have breached half of all small businesses in the United States, according to the 2016 State of SMB Cybersecurity Report. Small businesses, which often don’t have the revenue to afford their own IT departments, are especially susceptible to phishing attacks via email or fraudulent activity happening in their e-commerce shops. Some attacks can derail a small business’ money-making activities for up to a week.”

“With large corporations beefing up their enterprise security, hackers are turning to vulnerable small businesses. Hackers can use tools to search for unprotected networks and computers. Once a computer is identified, the hacker will then take over the computer and use it to launch a full attack on the network.”

“Yes, even a small website hack can generate a substantial amount of money. Cyber criminals can make money with your compromised website by distributing malware, SEO spam, and even set up e-mail spam servers and phishing sites.
Money is obviously the most common motivation behind the attacks.”

If you’re concerned about cyber security, you should consider speaking with an IT security expert. An IT security consultant can take a look at your business and determine the best course of action when it comes to protecting it from cyber attacks.

An IT security consultant can identify areas where your company is vulnerable to cyber attacks. They can make recommendations that will help you keep your business safe. When it comes to cyber security, you can never be too careful. If it’s in your budget, hire an expert. You’ll be glad you did.

Whether it is a denial that cyber threats could affect their company or a lack of willingness to invest the money into the proper systems, the fact of the matter is that small businesses just don’t have the right protection in place. This makes the SMB market a gold mine for hackers. Why try to break into a house with a security system when the place next door left their doors unlocked? This is the mentality for hackers taking on small businesses today. There are less hoops to jump through compared to a bigger corporation, which makes their mission much easier.

Criminal hacking is the greatest threat to Americans’ well-being, according to a new survey that found it outranks air pollution, motor vehicle accidents, and artificial intelligence.

“One takeaway for enterprises looking at these results is that criminal hacking as a threat to the general well-being of Americans is right up there in Americans’ consciousness. This signals to companies that they need to take security seriously,”—threats/americans-rank-criminal-hacking-as-their-number-one-threat/d/d-id/1329946?

Information Security Consulting

For Small Business

24/7 Access To a Trusted a Cyber Security Professional

Don’t Get Hacked, Don’t Become the Next Statistic

Especially, if you have never had a formal conversation about  the ‘Security’ posture of your business, then we are precisely the company you need to speak with.

While the considerations here can be intimidating, we simplify the most important core principles for business owners that are ready to digest & deploy modern online security fundamentals. Principle stakeholders can then have-the-option to leverage the same quality ‘Enterprise Grade’ Cyber Defense & Security Awareness as the big guys.  If you’ve gotten this far, then what you want first – isn’t a product, service, app, nor download. The solution you need awaits inside the right conversation.

“How could attackers get to these systems?
What could they do?”
“What problems could happen?
Is my Data at Risk?”
“Is my Money at risk?”

“What needs to be done
in order to
for this risk?”

Baseline Evaluation

Security Risk Assessment Report

Small Business Tailored Onsite Physical/Virtual Audit Review and Security Scorecard with Simplified Reporting on Computer Hardware, Point of Sale Devices, Firewall  & Configuration, Onsite Wi-Fi Networking, Physical Networking, Software & Applications & Cameras, Current Status and Overall Risk Score Factors. How to Fix Top Issues. Outlined Technical Plan.

Clear Direct Solutions

  • Understand Your Organization’s Threat Surfaces
  • What To Fix, How to Fix & Why Fixing IT Matters
  • Security & Best Practices Training 101 for Employees
  • Tech Q&A with Open Learning Session

Security Overlay Service

Ongoing Business Continuity & Investment Protection

Entry-Level Cyber Security Protection Package, Ideal for Start-Ups, E-Commerce Websites, and Local Small Business.  24/7 Access to Cyber Security Expertise, Data Integrity & Availability, Quarterly (or Semi-Annual) Health Checks, Business Logic Checks, Disaster Recovery & Bug-Out, Website/Onsite Firewall Protection, Realtime Malware/Virus Scanning

Clear Direct Solutions

  • Maintain Confidence Protecting Customer Data
  • Quarterly Staff Security Trainings
  • Brand Reputation Monitoring
  • Tech Q&A, Open Learning Sessions, Threat Scenarios

How To Prevent Your Small Business From Being Hacked

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