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Phones & Mobile Applications often just complicate simple tasks.

App Downloads are an overused means to an end, users are fatigued.
At WebMax Labs, when a basic connection needs to be made,

we find the simplest most impactful approach using functions users already have & are familiar with [right-now].


Featured Project

Golf Course Services Smart Button

Food & Beverages Drive Profits. Don’t give players a reason to skip that order because they only have two holes remaining or just don’t feel like digging out a phone. No apps, no phones required to make a simple request.

Featured Project

Connected Memorials

The Gift of Perpetual Connectivity by way of Alerting Friends & Family When Visitors are Present. Help bring your family closer, into the same loving moment – a memory worth holding forever.

Featured Project

Say “I Love You”
with a Click

We bring a bolder more impactful way to say ‘anything’ to Everyone and Anyone that matters right now, with just a single click. This First of its Kind Smart Button Sends GIF’s, Pictures, and Funny looping videos – no Apps required.
Who would you Blast?

Featured Project

Community Alert Routing

Apartment Complexes & Community Associations can operationalize the most difficult part of managing Complaints, Meetings, Resources and other Communications Requirements that othewise drive unneccesary overhead expense for Managing stakeholders.

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