WAT..  about those Frequently Asked Questions ?

we know you have some – lets address the big ones

If all data points are up for grabs, then Today in your business, in your workflow somewhere, something is happening that you do not know when you could. Knowing leads to action.  You’re missing out. Nothing wrong with that per se, just means there’s room for improvement. And its not that you need more, you really only need the most actionable data.

So, because of that thing happening -that you do not know- your company loses money, just missed a revenue opportunity, or some important detail slips, but you won’t know until its too late. It isn’t actionable, you didn’t know.

But if you knew that thing, and you knew it, contextually [right-now] that changes the game entirely. What matters for this explanation is that it ties back to the concept of leveraging economics.

“..i just need to know when my customer is about to do ‘a thing’, indirectly. not on my website. And if/when I do  that, my conversion would go through the roof –  can we talk?”
-Recent Customer

Oh fun! Because frankly, we love data and we earn our cut by being extra creative in difficult situations. But when you know the tools like we do, and how we actually want the challenge of executing creative problem-solving, those solutions become both fun and obvious.  Revenue potential is only limited by that creativity.
Question back to YOU >  What other data, if you had it, would lead to more money at the end of the month?

Today, to answer that question requires another level of critical-thinking. So, like any good therapist, we are great listeners, and we just need to hear about your problems. Then our creativity and toolsets combined can ‘go to work’ for you – with you – and everyone wins. Data is the target, and the sooner we can act on it, the more valuable it becomes.

The big miss for most here is that cloud changes everything. If you can act on [right-now] then you essentially have [right-now] here, there, everywhere.  On the other side of the world, or just next door.  You might need to really consider the implications of that power.

But we get it, “Hey just do that with Cloud!” isn’t much different than being told “Hey, sign your name quick for us!”.. when you’re someone who’s never even held a writing device before.  Yet, you have a pen on the table in front of you.  But, you don’t even know what you’re looking at, so how would you sign your name with it? Execution there could be a cakewalk if you just saw someone do it, one time.

Welcome to Cloud. Thats why you need us.

Great question, this one is important -not obvious- and very underrated for many small business owners. Since now we can get whatever data points we want- and cascade a series of events with cloud- all the sudden it really matters to get the right data, to the right agents(or customers) so they can act, close, fix, buy, or change reality, now.  Direct relation to more money in your pocket.

In 2020, Everyone Gets:

  • Desired Data
  • Accurate Data
  • Accessible (ie) Interpretable (ie) Usable Data
  • Data Actionable by Correct Individual

Time however, such a fickle beast she is.  When you can tighten that leash on her by adding [right now] + [cloud] to your business, that is when the real Fireworks happen. When we say real-fireworks we mean big celebrations, over the Big Problems for Big Stakeholders. Big Revenue is ‘generated’ when it was actually just money left around in a really dark corner. We setup the spotlight – and you flipped the power. Jackpot! *High Five* 

We’re all busy. So much so fast. Cloud tools have exploded into the ecosystem. And that Game of Thrones Finale!? Too many distract- “omg not again hey Alexa STOP playing Baby-Shark”.  Yeah anyway, it makes sense when you start to realize what it takes to get someone’s attention in todays [right-now] vs. 10 years ago.

May sound easy, but executing on the [right-now] concept is hard because it requires creativity, metadata, logic, precision and the best hardware, along with precisely how all-of-that ties into Cloud.  What you have now is a giant menu of options to solve your problems and make more money, but its in a language you probably don’t yet understand.

DisonnectedHah, indeed there is!  (Clever, we see what you did there) That is usually the next question, How. Since owners and stakeholders are so focused on making their businesses successful, they obviously have not had the time to keep up to pace with the latest technology, never mind the cloud-based advancements. Sadly, the only new tech trends they notice would be the same bricks these millennials stare down at, often while navigating forward-motion.

This is the fun part – finding out what else is out there with regards to hardware sensors, triggers, buttons, all on WiFi or LTE, multi-year battery lifespan, essentially on the network forever.  This means anything becomes a data-point, when you want it to. If anything is a data-point, and we can cascade any series of events based on that trigger for any happening right now, then the sky- erm well, Cloud is the limit.

We’re happy to spell this out, forwards and back. Fax us, we Fax back – GIFs of liquid cash. If any of this interests you, just do what you’d normally do after capturing ‘new data’.   Probably something that feels like process > filter > choose > act > rinse > repeat.

Optimizing even the simplest workflow depends on having the best possible details at the best possible time.  The way we see it, if  there wasn’t always Room-for-Improvement, then Innovation probably wouldn’t be a thing.

We Solve Problems

We Find Revenue Opportunity

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