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Our Vision: Extend the Advancements of the Smart Phone Hardware Itself into Simpler More Controllable Button-Focused Actions to Minimize Distraction, in order to Maximize the Impact & Intent of Our Favorite Mobile Connected Activities

Set Up a New Smart Button

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LTE SmartButton

The WebMax Labs LTE SmartButton is ‘Always Connected’ by AT&T’s low-latency low-bandwidth IoT device network.

WiFi SmartButton

The WebMax Labs Wifi SmartButton is easily connected with any local Wifi Network on-premise.


Modern Technology Ecosystem

Solutions Evolve Quickly
Can Your Organization Keep Up?

Digital Marketing

We help you reach your ideal customer, by targeting on things we know about them and candidly, Cloud knows everything.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Cloud is the new middleware. And with tiny connected computers anywhere, it means valuable problems solved, everywhere.


Doing business today means having a tight grip on your Company’s most valuable asset, the Information. Without, lights-out.


Much less about Money, much more about Reliable, Trusted, Permanent, Public, Accurate, Valuable, Efficient Data {right-now}

“Technology Knowledge Gaps Limit a Business’s Options, Every Time”


Knowing is half the Battle
Execution is the forgotton, never-ending War

The Benefits and Risks of Cloud Computing

The Benefits and Risks of Cloud Computing

Opportunities, management strategies and more Cloud computing is here and virtually every organization is using it in some way, shape or form. Educating yourself and your people on the opportunities and risks associated with this technology is of the utmost...

Small Business a Huge Target for Hackers in 2017

Small Business a Huge Target for Hackers in 2017

2017 Ponemon Study: SMBs are Huge Target for Hackers: Negligent employees are the #1 root cause behind data breaches across North America and the UK Ransomware is hitting SMBs hard with more than 50% experiencing an attack Attacks are becoming costlier to businesses...

Why Every Leader Needs to Be Obsessed With Technology

Why Every Leader Needs to Be Obsessed With Technology

This article is part of a series exploring the skills leaders must learn to make the most ofrapid change in an increasingly disruptive world. The first article in the series, “How the Most Successful Leaders Will Thrive in an Exponential World,” broadly outlines four...



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